Fitness courses

Inside the fitness center of the resort Colonìa our instructors are waiting for you to present the different disciplines that you can try and to suggest energizing routes.


Yogafitness ® is a training program designed and registered by the National Teacher Giovanni Reberschak based mainly on YOGA techniques, with the inclusion of TAI CHI elements and basic PILATES techniques.

It is accessible to all and provides useful elements for the development of skills such as strength, flexibility, joint mobility and psychophysical wellbeing.


It is an exercise program that focuses on postural muscles, ie those muscles that help keep the body balanced and are essential to support the spine.

In particular, Pilates exercises raise awareness of the breathing and alignment of the spine by strengthening the muscles of the deep plane of the trunk, very important to help alleviate and prevent backaches, abdominals and deeper muscle fascias close to the column and around the pelvis.

The cardinal point of the method is the toning and strengthening of the Power House, ie all the muscles connected to the trunk: the abdomen, the buttocks, the adductors and the lumbar region.

Postural gymnastics in pregnancy

Postural Gymnastics in pregnancy arises from the now growing evidence of the benefits of physical activity, and especially of postural gymnastics, during the period of pregnancy, since the 9 months of gestation and preparation for childbirth represent one of the most interesting periods to evaluate the ability of postural adaptation that our body possesses.


Total body lesson with tools and free body with variable factors of intensity, loads, series, repetitions and recoveries, with the aim of training and constant and progressive adaptation and a stimulation of the metabolism.


Zumba fitness combines the best of different disciplines: aerobics, first of all, very useful for toning the body, and Latin American dance, rhythmic and fun. These features make the Zumba fitness a very effective method for reshaping the body and at the same time recovering sprints and energy.

Zumba fitness is really suitable for everyone: it can be done at any age and does not require you to be able to dance Latin-American.

Strong by Zumba

This particular type of Zumba consists of a series of exercises at high intensity intervals (jumping jack, the burpees, the squat, the plank), always obviously to the rhythm of music, to work on muscular conditioning.

STRONG by Zumba is indicated to give tone and definition to all the muscles of the body using its own body weight.

Do you want to stay fit on vacation?